Be A Preservative…

Good Day Family! It’s Monday my favorite day of the week. I love Mondays because it is a purposeful time to start over, start fresh, put faith into action and give hope evidence. Today I want to be a preservative for those I’m connected to. A natural preservative that is within our bodies is salt and sugar. Let’s sprinkle a little on someone that is in need of our flavor.

Remember: Michelle Snow Company, Helping People Turn Potential Into Power.


Folks having fun at Empowerment Cafe
Empowerment Cafe was the first event held by the Michelle Snow Company at the Gatehouse Cafe in East Falls, Philadelphia. Interviews by Brother D. (Darrell McPherson), Photography by Anointed Photography, Richard H. Furr.

Let a “NO” Motivate you!

“NO” no longer discourages me. I had a moment today when I allowed myself to become frustrated and for just a moment I felt defeated. Then I had to STOP, review my situation and remember the voice of God. I took a moment to re-evaluate my request. I learned there were some things I need to adjust and re-present. I kicked self-pity in the booty, sent defeat to the river and told confidence to rise up! Stand up HOPE! Stand Up Victory! Rise Up Woman of God, You Are Built to Do This!

To God Be The Glory. Michelle Snow Company, Helping People Turn Potential Into Power!

Enemy Today, Savior Tomorrow

I was reminded that the people we treat poorly today, the people we dislike today, the people we gossip about today may have the hand we need for help tomorrow. Be kind family and always be respectful, it always pays you back with interest.

This message is especially important for our children. They do not quite understand consequences as that part of their brain is still growing. Just because we were offended, does not always give us the right to throw people in the trash. Selah